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BARTELL: Rules For Qualifying End Georgia Governor's Race


ATLANTA -- Independent Georgia Governor Candidate Al Bartell is letting supporters and Georgia voters know the ending of his official race is about the challenging rules in qualifying as an Independent in Georgia, not about his commitment to run.
"It is easier to run as an Independent for the American Presidency, than it is to get your name on the ballot as an Independent candidate for Governor in Georgia," Bartell shared when asked about ending his year-long candidacy. However, in the announcement, Bartell indicated there were positive developments that came out of his run for Governor: 

“Through the visibility of the Bartell for Governor campaign, national violence prevention stakeholders have committed to supporting us in the development of a national violence prevention initiative, where an authentic, real conversation with the American people can take place – rather than a political marketing conversation to the American people.

“There is work that has to be done, concerning the pressing rise in the acts – and intensity – of violence in America. The war being waged against black men in Georgia is not a stand-alone phenomenon: it is a national crisis.

“Acts of violence in America are different from all other aspects of our nation. It grips and horrifies us like no other issue.

“To dismantle the framework of violence in Georgia – and in America – it will take the collection of meaningful cultural data through our roundtable discussions, summits, and conferences.

“We’ve been asked to use the data that we collect to report to the U.S. Congress Committees on Homeland Security. Additionally, there is an interest for us to expand the communication we delivered to the Georgia House Committee on Public Safety and Homeland Security last year. "

The only Independent who ran for Governor in the Deep South this election cycle, Bartell re-emphasized his recent communication on Labor Day Weekend: that the tipping point for Independents in Georgia to impact the November 2022 election is the unprecedented participation -- and critical role -- of black men.

“It’s going to take an Independent Movement – Independent leaders, Independent voters – in a walk with destiny – for that to happen. “I invite my fellow Georgians – and fellow Americans – to join us on that journey, as the American democracy continues to unfold in the dawn of the 21st century.

“That journey starts now – and I encourage Independent voters, especially black men in Georgia, to lead the way into November 8th – and beyond.”


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