Becoming The Face Of An Independent Movement In America From The Deep South

Independent Voters Being Viewed As "Tipping Point", Traction Happening In Georgia

The largest group of voters in America now consider themselves to be Independents. Growing voter support for a national Independent Movement is beginning to appear, new data shows.

Some of that new data is coming from Georgia, a state from the Deep South, and coming out of one of the most liberal voting counties in the metro Atlanta region: DeKalb County.

Nationally, the only 2022 Independent candidate running for Governor from a Deep Southern state, Al Bartell shared the following data from his campaign:

"We contacted a sample of 14,000 Independent voters in DeKalb County," the Independent veteran confirmed, "to let them know that an Independent Movement in America included them.

"Of the 14,000, 400 saw themselves as critical stakeholders of America, and responded to the Movement content. We view that as an early indicator among Independent voters -- particularly from a county such as DeKalb -- that there are Independent voters that are looking/listening out for something more than just an election cycle outcome."

When asked to comment about the new data and positive response to an Independent Movement, Bartell's analysis included a voter "tipping point" impact:

"We've been saying, 'Georgia -- America has a bright future. The question becomes: Who’s going to be included in that bright future – and who’s going to be left behind?' The data is beginning to point to a tipping point in how that question might get answered. More and more, it's looking like that tipping point lies in the hands of Independent voters.

"We're hearing in our conversations with stakeholders all across Georgia -- and those that are encouraging us nationally -- it's not going to be ideology-driven -- it's going to be 'We the voter get to say'-driven."

News on a local level in the Georgia Governor's race  highights an Atlanta Journal Constitution interactive poll of 902 voters from July 14-22, 2022, conducted by political scientist Trey Hood of University of Georgia's School of Policy and International Affairs.

According to the poll, more than 78% of voters say the country is on the wrong track. The voter opinion was consistent across every voter bloc, "regardless of ideology, age, financial standing, or educational background".

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