Here are some of the ways
Al is working on issues
for the people of Georgia

 Regardless of partisan conflict, Al has the credibility over the past 30 years as a public policy leader with a balanced approach to events, situations and issues.

Stimulus Recovery Initiative

Al is committed to the people of Georgia being financially stable. The Stimulus Recovery Initiative and Stakeholder Engagement Strategy outline his commitment.​​​​​​​

Bipartisan, Inclusive Leadership

Al  ensures neighborhood, community, faith, and small business leaders get included in the decision-making
process of government to the same degree as lobbyists, special interest groups, and corporations. ​​​​​​​

Seniors Being Supported

With the expanding senior population in Georgia and across the nation, Al is working with groups to support seniors in acquiring resources needed
 in the 21st century. ​​​​​​​

Healthcare Equitably Managed

Al sees healthcare disparities and adverse outcomes can be addressed in equitable management of our healthcare resources statewide, so that all Georgians have quality healthcare.

Small Businesses Developed

Al is working with small business stakeholders in rural, suburban, and urban communities to have Small Business Development Centers established throughout the state of Georgia. He is committed to ensuring small businesses, entrepreneurs, and people who want to make a living from their craft have what they need to develop their businesses - the backbone of our economy. 

Violence Prevention

Al has been working in the field of violence prevention for over 40 years. He is continuing his commitment with law enforcement and communities to prioritize collaborative public policy to increase trust and communication that prevents violence.  He is committed to legislation to address long-standing racial inequities. ​​​​​​​